Galaxy Note 10 fast charge speed could be higher than 25W

There’s only one model of the Galaxy S10 that features Samsung’s new ‘super fast charging’ and you won’t find it in most markets. The Galaxy S10 5G supports 25W fast charging compared to the 15W fast charging on the company’s recent devices. However, there’s one non-flagship with super fast charging and it’s the Galaxy A70.

So would you put your money on 25W fast charging for the Galaxy Note 10? We’ve already confirmed that it’s going to have a 5G model so the assumption would be that it also gets super fast charging. If you believe recent reports, the Galaxy Note 10 fast charge speed could be even higher than 25W.

Galaxy Note 10 fast charge speed may hit 50W

We have already discussed just how quick is Samsung’s 25W super fast charging in detail. There were some noticeable advantages of super fast charging on the Galaxy A70 that we ran our tests on. If there’s going to be another Samsung device this year to get support for super fast charging, you can bet it will be the Galaxy Note 10.

Noted tech leakster Ice Universe predicts that the Galaxy Note 10 fast charge speed could be more than 25W. No specific figure has been provided, though, but he mentions that the battery capacity and charging speed won’t be a weak point for the device. Gordon Kelly over at Forbes hears something similar from a trusted source. He was told that the figure will likely be higher and not lower than 25W. Fans can expect to be “pleasantly surprised and not disappointed” when the charging specs are made public.

There is some speculation about the Galaxy Note 10 having support for 50W super fast charging. That might sound like hogwash to some people but it won’t exactly be new territory for the market. Oppo’s SuperVOOC charging technology already delivers a maximum charging power that’s close to 50W. It claims that this can fully charge a smartphone in 35 minutes (in controlled lab conditions).

Expect to hear more about the Galaxy Note 10’s battery capacity and charging speed in the coming weeks. These upgrades may prove to be crucial in getting more people to purchase Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

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