Exclusive: Galaxy Note 10 model numbers reveal different variants

There’s a lot of anticipation now for the Galaxy Note 10. A lot of the improvements that were introduced with the Galaxy S10 will definitely be carried over to Samsung’s second flagship smartphone of the year. Recent reports have suggested that we may get more than one Galaxy Note 10 model this year.

That was to be expected given that Samsung would most definitely offer a 5G variant even if it just launched one model. We have discovered that there will indeed be two different Galaxy Note 10 models with a 5G variant for each.

Galaxy Note 10 model numbers confirm different variants

SM-N970 and SM-N975 will be the two main models of the Galaxy Note 10. You can expect differences in the screen size and other specs as well. A recent report out of South Korea had suggested that the Galaxy Note 10 will be available with 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch displays. These models were also said to receive triple and quad camera systems respectively. It’s unclear if the battery capacity may differ as well but that remains a possibility.

It seems that Samsung won’t be releasing four separate models of the Galaxy Note 10 as some rumors have claimed. From what we know, Galaxy Note 10 model numbers SM-N971 and SM-N976 will simply be the 5G variants of the two main Galaxy Note 10 models. As you can probably imagine, the 5G variants would only be available in markets where mobile 5G networks are live.

We’ll be sure to share more information about the Galaxy Note 10 with you in the weeks to come. Samsung is not due to unveil the device for a few months now. There’s a possibility that things might change on the spec front.

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