Samsung Voice Recorder app update brings Night mode and more

Samsung Voice Recorder is one of the better preinstalled apps from the company’s stable. It is completely free, feature-packed, and has a clean interface to make third-party voice-recording apps unnecessary for most Galaxy users. The company is making further improvements to the app in the latest update to version

The changelog for the update mentions Night Mode, recent search, Speech To Text from recorded files, and an alert to exclude the app from the Sleeping Apps list. Night Mode is self-explanatory and is linked to the system-wide Night Mode in One UI, which means there is no separate toggle here to enable it only for this app.

Another big feature in the update is the support for speech-to-text conversion from recorded files. To be clear, a separate speech-to-text mode was available in the app even before this update. What is new here is the ability to convert any of the existing recordings, including call recordings, into text. This feature currently supports more than a dozen languages and accents.

The update also includes an alert to remove the app from the Sleeping Apps list (a battery-saving feature which restricts app activity in the background) to ensure uninterrupted audio recording. Post update, launching the app triggers an alert if it is part of the Sleeping Apps list on the device. Lastly, the update also brings recent searches to the search function in the app.

The latest version of the Samsung Voice Recorder is already available both on Galaxy Store and Google Play. Depending on the region and the device, Galaxy users should receive the update from one of these two places. Alternatively, you can also download the APK from our database and manually install it.

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