Samsung UK website confirms Galaxy A90, A40 and Galaxy A20e

In the UK, Samsung’s own website confirms the future release of the Galaxy A90, A40, and of a Galaxy A20 variant called Galaxy A20e. The A20e is the first device in the A series that comes with the ‘e’ moniker.

Galaxy A90 coming to the UK

Samsung’s own internet presence is notorious for accidentally (or not) leaking new products. There is, therefore, no surprise in Galaxy Club‘s discovery of three future product pages on the Korean company’s UK website. First up, is the product page for the Galaxy A90. While the page itself does not mention actual details of the device, the title and URL leave no room for interpretation. This discovery comes only days after news that the Galaxy A90 will, in spite of rumors, not be limited to a release in China.

Next up, is a product page for the Galaxy A40. Since this device was already spotted on Samsung’s Germany website some weeks ago, a release in the UK should not come as a surprise.

Galaxy A20e

Perhaps the most curious is the appearance of a product page for an A20 variant called Galaxy A20e. Previously spotted under its model code SM-A202F, the A20e might be a slimmed down version of the regular Galaxy A20, that is expected to hit global markets later this spring.

At this moment, it is unclear when Samsung will officially launch the next wave of devices in its new A series. So far, the company has announced the Galaxy A10, A30, and A50. Be sure to check out our hands-on preview of the latter two. Aside from all these phones, we are also expecting a Galaxy A60 and A70, so the Korean OEM is far from done mounting a fresh assault on global mid-range smartphone markets.

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