Samsung Health gains guided meditation features with Calm integration

Samsung is expanding the capabilities of its health app with a new collaboration. The company has teamed up with Calm to bring guided meditation, sleep, and other wellness features to its Samsung Health app.

Calm is a popular guided meditation and relaxation app with more than 40 million installs across platforms. The app offers hundreds of meditation programs aimed at calming anxiety, managing stress, improving focus, and more. There are sessions for everyone – from beginners to advanced users. The service follows a freemium model and has been received positively on both Android and iOS.

Available only on Galaxy devices running Android Pie

The integration enables Samsung users to access many of the Calm’s features easily by just tapping the “Mindfulness” icon in the Samsung Health app. Tapping the icon for the first time prompts users to log in or create a Calm account, after which they can access Calm’s content within the Samsung Health app. The integration also enables Galaxy Watch Active users to control their meditation seasons from the watch.

The new capabilities go live today in ten markets initially: Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, U.S., U.K., and Ireland. It will be available only on Galaxy devices running Android Pie. Samsung also mentions Galaxy Watch Active support but hasn’t offered any details about the same on its other smartwatches.

“Our work with Calm is going to make it easier than ever for Samsung Health users to practice mindfulness, so they can work towards achieving better overall health,” said Peter Koo, Corporate SVP and Head of the Health Service Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung, commenting on the collaboration.


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