Samsung smart TVs are getting iTunes and AirPlay 2 support

Here’s something you may not have expected. Samsung’s 2018 and 2019 smart TVs are getting iTunes and support for AirPlay 2. Samsung confirmed today that it will be offering iTunes Movies and TV Shows as well as AirPlay 2 support on 2019 models starting this spring. It will roll out support for 2018 smart TV models through a firmware update later.

This is a big deal. The app will be available exclusively for Samsung’s smart TVs in more than 100 countries. Moreover, AirPlay 2 support will go live on the aforementioned models in 190 countries.

iTunes and AirPlay 2 support coming to Samsung smart TVs

Why is this a big deal, you ask? This is the first time that Apple is opening up access to its iTunes video library to third-party devices, with Windows PC being the only exception. It’s all the more surprising that Apple has decided to do this with Samsung, two companies that many consider to be the most bitter of rivals.

The app will enable Samsung smart TV users to access their existing iTunes library. They will also be able to browse the store to buy or rent titles. AirPlay 2 will enable users to play videos, music, podcasts, and more from Apple devices like the iPhone on their Samsung TVs.

It does make sense why Apple would pick Samsung for this. The former doesn’t make TVs so Samsung isn’t a direct competitor in this market. As much as people believe that these companies are always at daggers drawn, Apple and Samsung have long maintained a working relationship. The latter continues to supply parts crucial to Apple’s cash cow, the iPhone.

Samsung has a commanding position in the premium TV market so it’s a good fit for Apple. Since it’s expected to launch an online video streaming service later this year, this shows that Apple may also release this app for other platforms in the coming months.

Samsung smart TV iTunes

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