Exclusive: Samsung may be developing a new Galaxy Tab A (SM-P205)

Samsung is going to release a handful of new mobile devices in the coming months one of which may be a new Galaxy Tab A. What fans are surely looking forward to the most are the Galaxy S10 and the foldable smartphone. Now, there’s new information to suggest that a tablet may be on the agenda as well.

New Galaxy Tab A possibly launching in Q1 2019

Samsung is working on a new device with the model number SM-P205. It may be launched as the latest addition to the Galaxy Tab A lineup. The base storage option will be 32GB and it will be available in black and grey colors. In addition, we have also spotted firmware version P205DXU0ARL4 for this device.

No further information is available at this point in time. Given its Galaxy A designation, it will most likely be a mid-ranger. Samsung launched the most recent tablet in this series about four months ago. The Galaxy Tab A 10.5 happens to be a bonafide mid-range tablet as well.

What we do hear is that this new tablet is expected to be released in the first quarter of next year. This suggests that an announcement is likely at the Mobile World Congress which takes place in February next year. We’ll be sure to update you about this device as more information comes in.


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It is strange that we hear much rumros about S10, and nothing about foldable smartphone. I think this leaks about S10 are controlled by Samsung.


That doesn’t make sense. as you say , they already released the A Tab just 4 months ago – btw, the Pogo charging dock is impossible to come by!! I had to import one from Germany from a German tech site.


If the logic is still the same, the “2” in the model number may indicate that it is a 7-inch tablet.
So, theoretically Samsung is providing a successor to the SM-T28x (Galaxy Tab A 7.0 or Galaxy Tab J, depending on the market).
And the “P” in the model number, if the logic is the same, indicates that this tablet will come with the S Pen.