Exclusive: Galaxy S10 colors, fingerprint sensor and Galaxy F foldable phone details

We can confirm some details about the Galaxy S10 colors, the much-rumored fingerprint sensor and Samsung’s long-awaited foldable phone. The Galaxy S10 is expected to arrive in February 2019. Its separate 5G variant might show up the following month with the foldable smartphone.

It has already been reported multiple times that Samsung will offer three models of the Galaxy S10. The entry-level with model number SM-G970x and the two premium options with model numbers SM-G973x and SM-G975x.

Details about the Galaxy S10 colors, fingerprint sensor and Galaxy F

We can confirm that the Galaxy S10 will be available in Black, White, Yellow and Green colors. As you’d expect, not all color options will be offered in every market. Nevertheless, these will be the four color options that the Galaxy S10 launches with. Yes, some of them may be gradient colors. Samsung has a habit of offering more options a few months down the road so that may very well happen for the Galaxy S10. The company will offer LED Flip and Protective covers for the device.

Moving on from the Galaxy S10 colors, it’s also going to be Samsung’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor. We have already confirmed exclusively that the cheapest Galaxy S10 model will have 64GB of internal storage. The same model misses out on the in-display fingerprint sensor.

The SM-G973x and SM-G975x will feature a 5.8-inch and 6.44-inch display respectively. Both of the premium models will have an in-display fingerprint sensor. The SM-G970x also has a 5.8-inch display but it won’t have this component. It makes sense since Samsung wants to price the entry-level model competitively. It has to skimp on certain components to keep the cost down.

We can also exclusively reveal some information about the Galaxy F foldable smartphone. Model number SM-F900U will be available with 512GB of internal storage. We have already revealed the European and Asian variants of this device – SM-F900F and SM-F900N – respectively. Samsung will be rolling out this device worldwide and it will be available in Silver and Black colors.

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  • I have two things to say about this: 1 - I hope the green version is the Emerald Green of the S6. Or a gradient between that green and black. 'cause that would be absolutely gorgeous.
    2 - What's the f*cking point of TWO phones with a 5.8" screen? The only reason I'd be willing to sacrifice an in-display fingerprint scanner and internal storage space would be if the that version came with a normally sized 5" display.
    But if it's still an oversized phone, I don't see why ANYONE would buy it. Price? All 3 phones will be overpriced, as are ALL phones these days. Whomever pays 800€ for the phone will pay 900€ for the better version.

    I really don't understand what Samsung's aiming at with the two 5.8" phone and I hope that you've got that information dead wrong and that the SM-G970x comes with a differently sized display. 'cause otherwise it'll flop even harder than the iPhone XR.

    • i was like why the hell samsung made 5.5inch when s7 came,i now have s9+ and i am too comfortable with it,within 1 day i felt its fine and awesome,try to use it first before thinking over size you will get used to it plus you can watch videos and play games in full screen or on more screen is amazing

      • Good for you. I'm using an S9 since launch. I hate the size of it. So much so that I'm waiting for the official release of the S10 to decide if it's smaller enough to buy it or if I'll go back to the S7.
        So no, I didn't get used to it. Nor will I ever get used to it.

        Here's the thing: I don't like phablets. Period. I don't need the larger screen. The only videos I watch on a phone are YouTube videos which don't need large screens. I don't play games on the phone, I have two consoles and a PC for that. My phone is NOT my main computing machine. Therefore I need to be able to securely and comfortably use it with one hand. And for that, 5" are more than enough. ;)

    • If the design rumors are true then the new 5.8 devices will be quite compact. It could be about 1cm shorter than the s8 or so. This means it will be roughly the size of an iPhone 8. But benefit of bigger screen

      • That doesn't change my argument, though... Why on earth make two phones with the same size? What's the point? And considering none of them will be cheap, why would anyone go for the worst version?