Samsung cuts the price of the Galaxy J6 in India

Samsung has significantly improved the competitiveness of its budget smartphones in India since Q2 this year. This is primarily due to the launch of new models with Infinity displays, new features, and attractive designs. Galaxy J6, which was released in May, is one of them and has turned out to be a popular device in the Indian subcontinent.

At launch, it was priced at INR 14,000 (~$190) for the 3GB/32 GB variant and INR 16,500 (~$225) for the 4GB/64 GB version, which made it an attractive budget offering as we mentioned in our review. The company is now making the Galaxy J6 even more compelling by reducing the price to INR 12,500 (~$170) for the base variant and INR 14,000 for the beefed-up version.

Price cut seems to be triggered by the launch of the Galaxy J6+

With the festive season around the corner, you can expect online retailers to come up with additional discounts on top of the new price, making the Galaxy J6 even more compelling in the budget segment. The price cut seems to be triggered by the recent launch of the slightly more capable Galaxy J6+ at INR 16,000.

Xiaomi made significant inroads into the Indian smartphone market by launching feature-packed smartphones at aggressive price points. Even after the price cut, the Galaxy J6, may not offer a better value for money, at least on paper, when compared to the Xiaomi’s Redmi series, but it does bridge the gap and improve the competitiveness of Samsung’s already popular budget smartphone.

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