Galaxy Watch Golf Edition launched with Smart Caddie app

Samsung today announced the launch of the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition. This variant of its new smartwatch comes with the Smart Caddie app. If you have ever played golf you know just how important a caddy is on the course. They know the geographical features well and are a good resource on courses that you’re not familiar with.

There are plenty of watches available on the market that are geared towards golfers. Samsung is joining the list with the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition. The only difference between this variant and the regular Galaxy Watch are the software features otherwise it’s the same smartwatch.

Galaxy Watch Golf Edition

This isn’t the first time that Samsung is launching a variant of its smartwatch for golfers. The company also launched the Gear S3 Golf Edition last year. It also had the Smart Caddie app which has information about 60,000 golf courses across the globe.

The app is present on the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition as well. Developed in collaboration with Golfzon Deca, it offers other features such as Shot Tracking and record keeping. It’s even possible to get information on the height of the green from the app.

Since the Galaxy Watch has a bigger battery than its predecessor, its battery life is good enough for three rounds of golf, or 54 holes. The Galaxy Watch Golf Edition is now available in South Korea. The 46mm and 42mm models are priced at 409,700 won (US$367) and 389,900 won ($351) respectively. No word as yet on when it will be available outside South Korea.

Galaxy Watch Golf Edition

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