New Gear S3 Golf Edition is the perfect companion for golfers

Golfers rely heavily on information given by their caddies. They’re the ones who know about the geographical features of the course. It’s crucial to listen to them when playing on a course that you’re not familiar with. Regular human caddies are good enough but Samsung now wants to throw some tech into the equation.

The company today launched a new iteration of its Gear S3 smartwatch in South Korea. It’s called the Gear S3 Golf Edition. As you can probably guess, it’s meant for golfers.

Gear S3 Golf Edition

Samsung has developed the Gear S3 Golf Edition in collaboration with Golfzon Go., a local developer of indoor golf simulators in South Korea. There’s nothing really fundamentally different about the Gear S3 Golf Edition when compared with the existing Gear S3.

It does come with a Smart Caddie application that provides information about 60,000 golf courses around the world. The app also provides users with real-time tracking information and other details that can help their game. It’s even capable of displaying the geographical features of the course such as its undulations.

The Gear S3 Golf Edition is available for purchase starting today from major golf equipment stores in South Korea. It’s available in both classic and frontier models for 399,300 won or $352. Samsung hasn’t confirmed if the Gear S3 Golf Edition will be sold elsewhere.

Gear S3 Golf Edition

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