Gear Sport update brings improvement to battery charging algorithm

Samsung has released a new software update for the Gear Sport. The update comes with a changelog similar to the one for the recent Gear S3 update. It improves stability by making changes to the battery charging algorithm and also improves device security. Quite a vague changelog, which is par for the course for minor updates such as this.

Gear Sport update released

The Gear S3’s update was more important than the update now released for the Gear Sport, as it was intended to fix the overheating issues that had plagued Gear S3 units after the Tizen 3.0 update. The Gear Sport doesn’t have any such problems, but the update will hopefully fix any battery life woes you may be having. With Samsung’s attention diverted to the recently announced Galaxy Watch, it may be a while before another update comes out for the Gear Sport, so here’s hoping no negative effects will be introduced by whatever improvements are packed inside.

Gear Sport update

The update brings with it software version R600XXU1ARG1 (the Tizen version remains at If you own a Gear Sport, you should be able to download the update from the Samsung Gear app’s settings menu on your connected phone. Do let us know if you notice anything new or different after the update has been installed.

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