Deepsea Blue Galaxy Note 9 seen in leaked render

There won’t be any surprises on August 9 when Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 9. Countless renders of the device have been leaked online in addition to live images. A leaked render showed off the device in Lilac Purple earlier this week and a new render has now surfaced of the Deepsea Blue Galaxy Note 9.

There’s no confirmation as yet if that’s what this color option will be called. For all we know Samsung might call it Coral Blue. But the one thing we can agree on right now is that it’s unquestionably blue.

One of five color options for the Galaxy Note 9

Rumor has it that the Galaxy Note 9 will be available in five color options at launch – black, gray, blue, purple, and brown. Another render has suggested that there may be another color option that’s a combination of blue and gold with a two-tone S Pen to match.

The render that you see here is presumably of the simple blue color option that may be called the Coral Blue or Deepsea Blue. Some of you might be aware that a somewhat similar shade for the Galaxy Note 8 is already called Deepsea Blue while the one for the Galaxy S9 is called Coral Blue.

It doesn’t really matter what the color is going to be called. Samsung has stuck with this shade for the past few years which shows that there has been considerable interest in it from customers. I should mention here that Coral Blue was the most preferred option in the poll about our readers’ favorite Galaxy S9 color.

There’s no use making any observations about the design of the device now because the same has been done over and over again. The device is very identical to its predecessor with the only noticeable changes being at the back.

The Galaxy Note 9 is going to be announced on August 9. Pre-orders are expected to begin the following week with the device being released across the globe on August 24.

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    • Lol. IR blasters are dead man. It's the 21st century. Everything works with apps! Our TV, audio systems, alarm system, air conditioning units all work with apps. Buy some new stuff!!

      • Buy some new stuff. Only that's rigt poit why infrared isn't on new devices.
        So we dont need remote controls to new electronics. Why those producers still giving remote controllers in one package with televisions, air conditions, home cinemas which still works via infrared sensors?
        Stop drinking, this is off from the phones just becouse of sick business.

        • It's difficult to understand you. You don't speak English obviously. Everything I use is controlled by apps. Even my carport gate uses an app. It's true that they sometimes supply a remote with some products, but that's only for very old people who can't use apps. There's no need for IR controllers any more and that's why it isn't on most flagship phones. But I'm sure you can find cheap phones that still have old technology for people like you.

  • There are Reddit threads talking about how ugly the back is. Says a lot.

    • The only problem about the back design Is the camera module IMO. If they make it black then it is fine for me

  • happening again... last year everyone was calling the black band of the cameras UGLY against the colour of the phone, meaning everyone was saying that they HAVE to get the black colour variant.
    So now Samsung has kept the colour of the device on the camera band and people are now complaining again! there's just no pleasing people! It looks great. the more colour the better options for people!

  • Too bad some color options are never available on release date but instead couple months after. I plan to buy this on release date but don't want it in black or gold.