Galaxy Note 9 colors possibly revealed by new S Pen model codes

Multiple reports have suggested that the Galaxy Note 9 colors will include black, blue, gray and lavender. The company is also expected to introduce a new shade of gold for the handset but that may not be the case if a fresh report is to be believed. The model codes for the new S Pen that will accompany the Galaxy Note 9 have surfaced online and they suggest that the handset may not be available in gold, at least not initially.

Galaxy Note 9 colors

We already know that the S Pen of a Galaxy Note handset is always of the same color as the handset which is why this report extrapolates the Galaxy Note 9 color options from the S Pen model codes.

The new S Pen for the Galaxy Note 9 has model code EJ-PN960. The list of model codes also mentions the colors that the S Pen will be available in:

1. EJ-PN960BBEGWW: Black
2. EJ-PN960BJEGWW: Gray
3. EJ-PN960BVEGWW: Violet / Purple
4. EJ-PN960BLEGWW: Blue
5. EJ-PN960BAEGWW: Brown

The list doesn’t mention a gold color option for the Galaxy Note 9 even though the first teaser that Samsung has released hints at the possibility that its new flagship might be offered in a shade of gold. Perhaps the company might introduce one down the line.

We have previously reported that the Galaxy Note 9 may be launched with a new brown color option. Samsung has previously offered a similar shade for the Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy Note 9 colors aside, the new S Pen itself is expected to be improved significantly. It may get Bluetooth support which will allow the stylus to double as a Bluetooth controller for the camera shutter and music playback. Some reports have suggested that it may even function as a Bluetooth speaker but there’s not much evidence to support that theory just yet.

Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9 at a special event in New York City.


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I keep telling you guys, they never released a brown colour option in the UK for the S6, it was just a graphical error on the webpage. clicking on that colour option just refreshed the page. it was always just green, turquoise, black, white and gold.

Horus Osiris
Horus Osiris

Turquoise was great