Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor may be mounted on the side

If recent reports are to be believed, Samsung is going to release three different models of the Galaxy S10 next year. The company is expected to launch an entry-level model of the Galaxy S10 in addition to the successors of the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. Previous reports have suggested that this entry-level model may only feature a 5.8-inch flat Infinity Display while the other two may feature 6.2-inch and 6.44-inch curved Infinity Display respectively.

Samsung is expected to introduce its in-display fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy S10 next year. Word on the street in South Korea is that the display-based fingerprint sensor may only be present on the two premium models. The entry-level model is said to feature a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor

Samsung got rid of the home button with the Galaxy S8 and relocated the fingerprint sensor to the back alongside the camera. It later did that for the Galaxy Note 8 as well. The Galaxy S9 maintains the status quo and so will the Galaxy Note 9.

The in-display fingerprint sensor is widely believed to be one of the new technologies that Samsung introduces with its 10th anniversary flagship. However, a report out of South Korea claims that this technology may not be present on the rumored entry-level Galaxy S10.

One would have expected Samsung to keep the fingerprint sensor at the back for this device in that case but it’s claimed that the company will move it to the side of the smartphone. If the claim is accurate then the fingerprint sensor would be placed on the frame of the device itself.

Some other manufacturers already put the fingerprint sensor in this place. Some Sony flagships have a fingerprint sensor in the power button that’s on the side. Motorola and Vivo have placed it below the power button on the frame.

Samsung will likely limit the in-display fingerprint sensor to the two premium models so that the entry-level model can be priced competitively. Not opting for expensive components such as a curved Infinity Display and a display-based fingerprint sensor will help with that. It may very well be the aim with this model, to lower the cost of entry for customers looking to switch to its flagships.

Samsung is yet to confirm, though, if it’s going to add a third model to the Galaxy S lineup next year. The Galaxy S10 is due in February at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

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