All Samsung Good Lock 2018 features explained

Some of you may remember an app Samsung released for Marshmallow-powered devices called Good Lock. It was a powerful customization app for the user interface which as you might imagine was very well received. The Good Lock team was also quick to incorporate suggestions from users to further improve the app’s capabilities. The app wasn’t updated for Nougat, though, so it essentially faded to black.

We reported last week that Samsung has finally released a new version of this app that’s compatible with devices running Android 8.0 Oreo. Good Lock 2018 has only been released in South Korea and the United States so far. Much like its predecessor, Good Lock 2018 offers access to a variety of apps that customize the look and feel of a compatible device’s user interface. In this post we’ll explain all of the Samsung Good Lock 2018 features and what you can do with them.

Samsung Good Lock 2018 features

Good Lock itself doesn’t have the customization features. Think of it as a hub which lists all of the individual apps you require to customize the look of your device. The apps can be used to customize the task changer window, lock screen, quick settings menu, set up routines for the device and more.

The four core apps that Good Lock works with are Task Changer, LockStar, QuickStar and Routines. An equal number of additional apps are recommended as well, Edge Touch, EdgeLighting+, Sound Assistant and One-Hand Operation+, for enhanced customization.

Task Changer

The Recent apps interface can be customized with the Task Changer app. It offers a variety of animations and even has a Mini Mode that places the menu in the lower half of the screen. This makes one-handed operation easier. You will be able to drag and drop apps to enable multi-screen or pop-up window modes as you do with the default interface. It’s pertinent to note that the bottom part of Task Changer is now swipable, it may lag a bit at times but it does work. You can download the Task Changer APK from our database.


LockStar is one of the core Samsung Good Lock 2018 features and it offers a plethora of customization options for the device’s lock screen. It can be used to configure the items that show up on the lock screen and their placement. It also offers a wide variety of background and clock styles. It’s possible to have multiple lock screens saved so that you can switch them up as per your liking. Download the APK here.


The QuickStar app bundles three features together, Coloring, Simple Indicator and Notification Multi-Window. It’s available for download from our database.


Coloring can be used to customize the colors of the quick settings menu, change its background color, transparency, the icon colors and also to add blur and dim effects. Play around with the options and you can perfectly match your wallpaper to the quick settings menu.

Simple Indicator

Simple Indicator is a powerful feature that lets you decide which icons you would like to remove from the Status Bar. The exhaustive list includes options for the Battery, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Alarm, Time, Airplane Mode icons among others. Simply pick and choose the ones you want to keep.

Notification Multi-Window

Last but not the least, Notification Multi-Window enables you to open apps in multi-window view from the notification directly. Swiping right on the notification will reveal the multi-window icon next to the default icons for notification settings. It allows you to check a notification without having to stop what you’re doing on the phone.


Routines allow you to combine various functions to create new features. You can create a movie theater routine for example. Select the location for the theater you frequent and then configure the brightness to be turned all the way down and Do not disturb mode to be enabled. The device will automatically do that when you reach the theater. Routines can also be created based on when headphones are connected or a specific battery level is reached. It’s available for download from our database.

Note: You need to follow these instructions to get the apps working on your device if you’re not based in the US or South Korea.

Additional Samsung Good Lock 2018 features

Edge Touch, EdgeLighting+, Sound Assistant and One-Hand Operation+ are among the four additional Samsung Good Lock 2018 features that are recommended. Here’s what they’re capable of doing.

Edge Touch

If you’d like to have customizable zones around the edges of your handset’s display that don’t register touch input then Edge Touch is the app you should download. The app can be used to configure the length and thickness of the edge zones. Download it from our database.


EdgeLighting+ does what the name suggests, allowing you to tweak the edge lighting that comes up when a notification is received. The app can be used to customize the color, animation effect, width and transparency of the edge lighting effect. The APK can be downloaded here.

Sound Assistant

Sound Assistant offers enhanced customization options for the handset’s sound settings. The app lets you ensure that the volume buttons adjust the media volume and not the notification volume. It supports customization of individual app volume and allows you to create and activate personalized sound settings. Sound Assistant APK is available in our database.

One Hand Operation+

One Hand Operation+ does what the name suggests, makes it easier to control the device with one hand. It offers options to show small handlers on the left/right edge of the screen for easy control of the device with the thumb. A short horizontal swipe mimics the Back key while a long horizontal swipe opens the Softkey panel. Get the APK here.

This concludes our explanation of the Samsung Good Lock 2018 features. If you’re into customizing the look and feel of your device then you should certainly check out these apps as they really let you customize the minutest of details so that the interface suits your preferences and makes life easier for you.

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