Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 is major winter goals

Winter is just around the corner and it’s a beautiful season. The leaves change color and the air has a certain je ne sais quoi. The fashion trends change as well so as you pull out your best winter clothes and capture those perfect #wintergoals selfie, Samsung has just the right accessory for you.

Ahead of the upcoming holiday season, Samsung is launching a Burgundy Red Galaxy S8. The color fits perfectly with the season and will certainly make you want to get one.

Burgundy Red Galaxy S8

Even the ad that Samsung has released for this new color option is centered around the seasonal theme. You feel warm and fuzzy inside just by looking at it. That’s just the perfect feeling for those who love winters.

There’s nothing different about the device itself other than the color. The rear glass panel has a beautiful and rich red color. Everything remains the same, that includes the specifications as well.

There’s just one caveat. Samsung has only announced the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 for South Korea. It’s unclear if the company is planning to bring this color option to other markets this holiday season. I have a feeling that if it did, it would prove to be very popular.

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