Galaxy S8 and S8+ gain HDR video playback on YouTube

The Galaxy Note 7 was the first smartphone from Samsung to feature HDR video playback capability, but we all know what happened to the smartphone. Earlier this year, the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy Tab S3 were launched with the same capability, but HDR content was hard to find. Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video are good sources to find HDR content, but Netflix doesn’t support these devices yet.

Now, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have gained HDR video playback on YouTube. If you have the latest version of YouTube app installed on your Galaxy S8 or S8+, you can see HDR written when you try to change the video resolution manually. Right now, we can only see 1080pHDR as the maximum resolution even when playing 4K HDR videos. So, we’re not sure if the phones would be able to play QHD or 4K HDR videos. The video resolution goes up to 1440p, but make sure you switch to WQHD+ resolution from the display settings if you see the resolution options in YouTube maxing out at 1080p.

Earlier this week, Netflix added support for HDR video playback on the recently announced Galaxy Note 8, but not the Galaxy S8 or S8+ yet. Let us hope the Galaxy Tab S3 gains HDR video playback through Netflix and YouTube. Samsung is equipping all its high-end TVs, smartphones, and tablets with HDR-capable screens so that users can enjoy immersive content on their devices.

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