Samsung’s in-screen fingerprint reader said to cause uneven display brightness

It was already being reported that Samsung won’t be able to perfect the in-screen fingerprint reader for the Galaxy Note 8, so the upcoming phablet won’t feature it. Now, a new claim from an industry insider points to a specific reason why the South Korean smartphone giant’s plan of a fingerprint reader integrated into the Galaxy Note 8, which is to be unveiled in August, didn’t come to fruition.

It is bring reported that the implementation of optical fingerprint reader that was tested on the Galaxy Note 8’s display was imperfect due to uneven screen brightness; the area containing the fingerprint reader appeared brighter than the rest of the screen. This could be one of the main reasons why the upcoming flagship smartphone could miss out on an in-screen fingerprint reader.

Apple and Samsung were expected to bring the first smartphones with in-screen fingerprint readers to offer consumers a device with a bezel-less display and all the advantages of a front-facing fingerprint reader. However, Vivo could beat the other two brands in this regrad as a recently published video showcased a Vivo smartphone with a working in-screen fingerprint reader.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 In-Screen Fingerprint Reader Brightness Issue Report

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