Galaxy Note 8 to reportedly miss out on in-screen fingerprint reader as well

The Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ are one of the best smartphones released this year. However, people who used one of these devices will quickly point out the awkward placement of the fingerprint reader. It was reported that Samsung poured a lot of money in developing an in-screen fingerprint reader for these devices, but failed to achieve favorable results in time for the mass production of the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Consumers and experts were hoping that Samsung could introduce an in-screen fingerprint reader this year with the Galaxy Note 8, thereby bringing it closer to perfection. However, a new report from Naver leads us to believe that Samsung will miss out on integrating an in-screen fingerprint reader in its upcoming flagship phablet. The report states that even Apple had a lot of problems in using a similar technology for the iPhone 8, which is expected to go on sale later this year.

A Samsung Electronics official said, “We made every effort to install a display-integrated fingerprint sensor on Galaxy Note 8, but we decided not to install it on this strategic phone due to various technical limitations such as security.” Samsung Electronics will continue research and development with companies such as CrucialTec, which has the technology. CrucialTec is a South Korean firm that manufactures optical trackpads and fingerprint scanners.

The current-generation, oval-shaped fingerprint reader that Samsung uses in the Galaxy S8 and S8+ isn’t as accurate as circular-shaped fingerprint readers that are being used in smartphones such as the Google Pixel, LG G6, iPhone 7, or even entry-level smartphones like the Xiaomi Redmi 4. It’s slower in comparison as well, so we hope that Samsung at least uses faster fingerprint reader in the Galaxy Note 8, and places it below the rear-facing camera.

Samsung will reportedly unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on September 8. The upcoming phablet is expected to come equipped with a 6.3-inch Infinity Display. However, it will be the first high-end smartphone from Samsung to feature a dual rear-facing camera. The device will also offer an iris scanner, the AI-powered digital voice assistant Bixby, and an autofocus front-facing camera.


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13 days 17 hours ago

Where is the fingerprint scanner??
don’t tell me he will not have the fingerprint sensor

15 days 14 hours ago

Too bad about the finger scanner. I’m hoping for the phone to be able to stay longer than 10 minutes! Doesn’t help while I’m exercising. One request, that I also have is for the phone to quickly get to the home page. It takes me a little more than2 minutes to arrive at the home page. Cut out the advertising! Would definitely miss the “S” pen, sine this is my 2nd note phone. I also have 2 note tablets.

18 days 9 hours ago

I have never used the finger unlocking on my Note 4- don’t even know if it works. I just use the home or power button to turn it on, with a PIN. Can’t see what the fuss is all about with finger unlocking. Safer with a password or pin.

18 days 20 minutes ago

Just as well, since fingerprint unlocking on the Note 4 is not at all reliable. Most people try it for a week or two, the give up in frustration.

Compare to something like the Honor 7, just touch your finger to the sensor without any special care and it just works, instantly, like it was just an ordinary touch switch.

17 days 23 hours ago

I unlock my Note 4 using the fingerprint scanner without any problems. I do think that the swipping gesture to unlock it was not the smartest decision but I’m used to it now.

19 days 2 hours ago

Oh dear!! Such unnecessary headache. Just make the chin 0.4 bigger fit in a home button and a 6 inch display which is already big enough.

David Gotelli
19 days 5 hours ago

Dam. Looks like I’ll wait for the s9 lol my s7 works fine so no rush. Want samsung to do it right.

19 days 11 hours ago

What about Sony’s side FPS?…it could be great instead at the back…they say it works well (i must say that i’m not having any problem with my S8+ FPS, it is fast, always works fine and smother than the S7Edge, i have small hands and i don’t have any problem, the solution is just a case!, the hole in the case guides you to the right place always )

19 days 12 hours ago

Then I am very disappointed…. that Note 5 is unavailable in Europe. I am sticking with my Note Edge. Time to buy another battery :)

19 days 13 hours ago

In this case I’ ll skip the Note 8. :(

19 days 13 hours ago

Well, all that talk about sammy almost getting the fps under the display but not enough time to implement it was jus BS. Sammy had the design of the s8 on ground even when the note 7 was released. Thats why they have an R&D department. It wasn’t an error they didn’t implement it in the s8. The s8 already has a selling point which is the infinity display. The fps under the display is going to be the selling point of another Samsung device… Maybe the s9. It’s just simple marketing strategy.

19 days 17 hours ago

Lol… I totally saw this coming. If it didn’t make it to s8, it likely won’t make it to the note 8. I’m however still skeptical about that dual camera. Samsung had all reasons to put it on the s8 but didn’t. It just looks some manufacturers don’t see the big deal in dual camera as it particularly doesn’t mean better pictures. A good example is the HTC u11, its a 2017 flagship yet with only 1 excellent camera. Everyone sldnt copy apple all the time. Iphone 7+ has dual camera yet the s8 camera beats it in all conditions. It’ll look nice having the dual camera on the note 8 but its not a feature i look forward to. I own a sgs8+ and the camera is the best mobile phone technology has to offer now and in the nearest future. The only flaw i perceive in the s8′s is that sammy sld hv made the s8 4gb/ 64gb ond the s8+ 6gb/128gb, giving the + an actual +. Now even that isn’t particularly expected on the note 8 as 4gb/64gb is excellent enough. Bottom line, the note 8 will just be a boxier s8+ with an spen

Brian Calendine (xenspidey)
19 days 14 hours ago

Totally disagree on the dual camera portion of your comment. Nobody’s copying Apple, LG has had dual cameras for quite some time. If the Note 8 doesn’t have dual cameras I will probably pass on the device. Once I realized the benefits of having a wide angle lens in a phone I’m not sure I can go back. I use it on my LG G5 for work quite frequently and it’s become a real game changer.

19 days 14 hours ago

Well, was jus citing an example on the iPhone part. As regards really using it, u might jus be one of the very few who “really” do, which is good for you. Most peeps jus wanna take out their phone and have a good picture taken. Going by trend, i do have a stong feeling sgn8 won’t have the dual camera. The note has always been the s with a corporate touch.

19 days 17 hours ago

17 days 20 hours ago

………………… you poor pathetic thing… you need a life… or, a GO phone …

19 days 17 hours ago

19 days 17 hours ago

I don’t need to have it under the screen, just not at the top near the camera sensor.

19 days 18 hours ago

Samsung should have waited until this was ready to get rid of the physical front button. Of course, the problem for them is that in that case the S8 would have been a slightly improved version of the S7 with nothing to set them apart from each other.

19 days 18 hours ago

I am sticking with my Note 5 until something way better comes along, missing my Note 3 though….

19 days 23 minutes ago

Man, the Note 3 i think was the best phone on the note series. It has +/- in comparison with Note 4, but overall i still prefer it. I own a korean version for 3 years already and it’s awesome.

19 days 19 hours ago

Great… so why would I want to buy a Note 8 again?! I’m bound to my Note 3 forever it seems.

19 days 22 minutes ago

Me too. I’ve been waiting so much and no real deal for me to change it. I might get an S7 in the near future.

19 days 20 hours ago

So… PoyocoTech is just crap! LOL!

19 days 20 hours ago

So the revolution will be in dual camera and the rest will be only evolution….one more year with my Note 4? :)

19 days 20 hours ago

A case really helps with the location of the fps. Particularly if it’s seperated from the camera lens. My case has a slight raised outline where the lens is which prohibits access accidental touching of the lens. Even without the case I’ve only touched the lens 2 times

19 days 20 hours ago

So you are working nearly 5 month to dig a hole on S8+ for S-Pen and double the same camera and rename it as Note 8 ? Shame…

19 days 20 hours ago

Apple will put it on iphone 8 and samsung will put it on S9
And the old “Samsung copies from Apple” story begins again….

19 days 17 hours ago

iPhone 8 wont get the fingerprint reader under the screen either. I see them placing it on the power button

19 days 21 hours ago

Like S8 this will be the ONLY problem for some people.

19 days 21 hours ago

Not experienced issues with the s8 FPS. Works great and very fast. Location wise I’ve no issue. Use it everyday and been joyful to use.

Don’t know about the s8+ being bigger

19 days 20 hours ago

I report the opposite, it’s a giant pain to use the fingerprint scanner on the S8, you accidentally touch the camera and it’s terribly inaccurate when you manage to touch it.

19 days 18 hours ago

Have you actually registered your fingers correctly? Ie from every different positions
You may touch the scanner with your finger when registering? This will make sure that any touch with the finger it will unlock with no issue?

19 days 21 hours ago

Galaxy S8 and S8+ isn’t as accurate as circular-shaped fingerprint readers that are being used in smartphones such as the Google Pixel, LG G6, iPhone 7, or even entry-level smartphones like the Xiaomi Redmi 4 l.

You Samsung hater you full of shit i works perfectly and the placement is not awkward as you get use to it very quickly and if you use a case the cut out help too yes it would be better on the front but it not bad on the back.

19 days 20 hours ago

I skip the S8 already due to this, because i need the fingerprint in front as my phone is often on the desk so it does not help if the sensor is on the back.
If the don´t provide what i like and need i go somewhere else. Even i mostly use Samsung for a long time

19 days 18 hours ago

Iris scanner, smartlock?? I have a wireless charging stand on my desk and it is at the perfect angle, that I can simply look at my phone to unlock it. and the fingerprint scanner is still accessible from the back.

19 days 19 hours ago

Just use Smart Lock man..,. You do not have to use that FP Reader if you do not want to.