Third-party LED customization apps could be messing with the Galaxy S8′s notification LED

Has the notification LED on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ stopped working? You might not be alone in this predicament, as it looks like a few users have seen the notification LED go bad, soon after they purchased the phone. For some, it happened after a software update; for others, it looks like third-party apps that let you customize the notification LED’s colors could be to blame.

A thread on the XDA forums has several people complaining about this, and according to our tipster, Samsung is simply asking consumers to get the phone replaced. It’s unclear if apps like Light Manager are the sole culprit; they do seem to be a major cause, as at least three users say the LED stopped working after they used the Light Manager app. Others say the LED stopped working of its own volition. We tried the aforementioned app but were unable to replicate the issue, but that’s probably because you need to have the app enabled for a while before things go wrong.

But if these apps are to blame, it could be that the notification LED on the S8 and S8+ is not meant to light up in as many colors as these apps make possible. LED customization apps also let the notification light stay on continuously for any app you select, which could cause the LED to burn out. These apps never caused havoc on previous Galaxy S flagships, however, so the issue could be confined to the LED on the S8 and S8+.

We’ve reached out to Samsung for comment on the matter. In the meantime, we suggest you refrain from using apps like Light Manager and Light Flow, as these could ruin an otherwise good phone. Have you noticed issues with the notification LED on your Galaxy S8 or S8+?

Thanks, Luk4shO!

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12 days 11 hours ago

I have been using Light Manager since the day I got the phone on launch day. It still works and displays all the set colors. I hope this doesn’t become an issue. The LED is one of the features I depend on.

12 days 17 hours ago

if you use whatsapp and choose a color there it will also kill the devices led

12 days 15 hours ago

Do ypu know this as fact / close to fact?

12 days 15 hours ago

I have a s8 and s8+ my s8+ led died after i chose color white and yellow for notifications.

12 days 17 hours ago

I was rsther active on this. I’m able to say with some certainty that it is more a problem of rapid on off (1 specond intervals) causing the issue. Constant on has not been an issue for me but to replicate, you must use the aspp for approximately 3 days and it will die. Not sure if its an issue with a combination of RGB being used to create other colours since by default with no app the only colours shown are typically red green or blue.