Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 variants pass through FCC

After Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 due to faulty batteries, it had officially announced that it would release a refurbished variant of the Galaxy Note 7 in some markets, depending on regulatory approvals and local demands. Some new variants of the phablet have now passed through FCC’s certification process, bringing the official launch closer than ever.

Three variants of the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 – SM-N935K, SM-N935L, and SM-N935S – have received FCC certification to be launched in the Korean market. The SM-N935S is believed to be the SK Telecom variant of the refurbished Galaxy Note 7. The SM-N935K and the SM-N935L could be launched on KT and LG Uplus (LG U +) networks, respectively.

This new variant of the Galaxy Note 7 is believed to come with a smaller 3,200 mAh battery and Android 7.0. Moreover, it might come with a completely new name and price. Purported images of the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 (SM-N935) were leaked last month, and the device is expected to go on sale by the end of June 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished FCC Certification

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Horus Osiris
18 days 17 hours ago

Totally buying if it comes to Europe

20 days 7 minutes ago

SG Note 7 was a good phone.i like to come back.

20 days 5 hours ago

Note 7 lounch in india ?
And how much price ?

20 days 8 hours ago

A volta dos que não foram.
E Brasil nada, certamente. =[

20 days 8 hours ago

3200 mha lol. I’ll pass just hope there not as conservative on the note 8

20 days 20 hours ago

I am buying the HECK out of one of these. I don’t care.

21 days 1 hour ago

Looks good and after owning it (and the replacement!) I do miss it. But the smaller battery wouldn’t suit. I need a guaranteed full work day at least so I’ll be waiting for Note8 even if it comes to my country. If it’s half price, maybe it could be a good gift or as a backup.

21 days 2 hours ago

I wonder what impact it will have on Note 8? I mean – I am buying a Note 7 on June – Will I buy Note 8 in September or October??

21 days 1 hour ago

Well if you buy a Note7 in June, why would you? You’ll either be happy buying the Note7 or you’ll want to wait for the Note8. I don’t understand your question. If you have a choice you’ll decide for yourself. If you want a Note and Note8 is too expensive, then Note7 will be a great choice for many people who’d like to experience the Note but could never afford it.