Samsung patent shows what the Galaxy S8 might have looked like with a physical home button

Looking at the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, it’s easy to think that Samsung had always envisioned these devices with the virtually bezel less Infinity Display, with no physical home button or company logo to ruin the beautiful design. But every new smartphone goes through multiple iterations and usually has different prototypes before the final design is decided, and a Samsung patent shows what a Galaxy S8 might have looked like had it come with a physical home key.

It’s unclear if the design was patented just for the sake of having a patent, or whether it’s based on an actual prototype, but it does make it clear that a physical home button had no place being there at the front of the phone. It would simply have ruined the beauty that is the Galaxy S8, although it’s too bad Samsung threw the fingerprint sensor next to the camera instead of placing it in a more sensible position. The small size of the button, as seen in the image below, would also have made ergonomics an issue.

What do you think?

s8-home-design-patent-2 s8-home-design-patent-1


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