How great does this Galaxy S8 with a clear back look?

Remember the time when someone found a way to peel the color film from the Galaxy Note 5’s back so that the internals could be on full display at all times? Well, someone just did that with the Galaxy S8 but the procedure is a bit harder on the new flagship than it was on the Galaxy Note 5.

The Galaxy S8 doesn’t have a color film. The color is actually more of a coating that can’t be peeled off. It has to be removed using a paint remover. Once the coating is removed, the lamination layer can easily be peeled off thus leaving you with a clear piece of glass.

Bear in mind that this procedure requires disassembly of some parts of the handset and absolutely voids any and all official warranties. You lose wireless charging as well if you opt for maximum transparency. It’s also pertinent to mention here that the Galaxy S8 won’t be water resistant once you’re done.

If you’re curious about this, check out the video by the YouTuber JerryRigEverything embedded down below in which he details all of the steps required to give your Galaxy S8 a clear back as well.

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