There may be hope yet for a violet Galaxy S8

It was rumored a couple of months ago that Samsung might offer a violet color option with the Galaxy S8. We even saw leaked images of a purported Galaxy S8 in violet before the flagship was officially announced by Samsung. Violet wasn’t among the color options officially confirmed by Samsung on March 29 but it appears that there may be hope yet for those holding out for this color.

Samsung Brazil has listed a Clear Protective Case for the Galaxy S8 on its website. The case is being offered in Black, Silver and Violet colors. It’s not a typo because the color dot is also violet or “Violeta” in the local language.

However, clicking on the dot brings up the Orchid Grey model in the photos instead of a Galaxy S8 in violet. So either this is a placeholder or someone over at Samsung Brazil is just trolling people.

You should keep your fingers crossed if you’d like to purchase the Galaxy S8 in violet, who knows, Samsung might launch it eventually.



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Hoping for any green like color… lol… they never make this color yet… i wonder how many people like it if the make one…


Yes, orchid grey is the violet colour as the actual violet accessories are shown with the orchid grey S8s. the aluminium frame shows the subtle violet colour more than the back


Orchid Grey is a violet/purple colour.
Check out how orchid flowers can look like

So Samsung is not trolling anyone but the deep Violet/Purple S8 was a cheap looking fake dummy.


I think that that violet color is orchid grey. They often use bad colors of color options.

BTW: Better write about pink color option, which can be seen on fifth photo on website: http://www.samsung.com/br/mobile-accessories/clear-cover/EF-QG950CVEGBR/