Galaxy S8 reddish tint on screen not a ‘controversial issue’

When the Galaxy S8 started making its way to pre-order customers last week we started hearing reports about a “reddish” tint on the handset’s display. The issue was limited to some early adopters but was significant enough to warrant a response from Samsung.

The renowned product review publication Consumer Reports has said that this isn’t a controversial issue. It tested eight units of the Galaxy S8 and found that some of the units showed a noticeable reddish tint on their screens but also points out that the red-tinged screens were not noticeably distorted or uncomfortable to see.

“Our display evaluators noted that displays of four of our test models appeared slightly more red than the other four. It’s unclear how much consumers might object to the red tint, especially if they weren’t looking at two phones side-by-side,” it mentions in its report.

Samsung is going to fix this issue by way of a software update. The update is going to be out in a few days and it will regulate the color balance of the device which will restore white tones and increase the color range for users who want to manually tweak the appearance of their device’s screen.

Consumer Reports also had a point to make about the Galaxy S8’s camera. “Our tests found that the new phone’s camera is among the best we’ve ever tested,” it said.


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Didn’t fix it for me especially since it is a hardware issue. Red tint on sides still there.


A full panel red tint isn’t the only issue. Many have red tint on sides and top. It’s almost like the edge notification light option has altered the panel. I’m not optimistic on this update fixing all the issues.