Galaxy S8+ battery design is ‘virtually identical’ to the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has taken a lot of concrete steps since the Galaxy Note 7 disaster to ensure that something like that never happens again. It has come up with a comprehensive battery testing program to ensure that future smartphones don’t suffer the same fate. It appears that the company is convinced that the Galaxy Note 7′s battery issues were related to the manufacturing quality and not the actual design.

iFixit tore down the Galaxy S8+ and found that its battery voltage, capacity and design tolerances are “virtually identical” to the Galaxy Note 7. Their unit’s battery even came from the same manufacturer as some Galaxy Note 7 batteries, that’s not surprising given that Samsung SDI is supplying batteries for the new flagship.

It also found that the design surrounding the Galaxy S8′s glued-in battery, including its spacing, installed position and reinforcement “is very, very similar to the Note7.”

The repair experts also point out that the battery is buried deep in Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone and is very difficult to remove. This means that the battery is harder to replace.

Just because there are design similarities doesn’t mean that it’s going to suffer the same fate as the ill-fated flagship. The millions of people who have already pre-ordered the Galaxy S8 will certainly disagree with that assumption.


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2 months 3 days ago

The problem with the Galaxy Note 7 was mostly Fake News.

2 months 3 days ago

It’s a common sense. If you own a company and suffered from that problem same as samsung, definitely you will improved it. It is business so they want consumers to buy it because it is better than that of the previous one. No company wants to suffer from a problem like samsung had experience

2 months 3 days ago

Probably nobody saw the YouTube video of a reviewers attempt to try everything possible to make the battery go on fire, and totally failed. He used a variety of tools to puncture, bend and abuse the battery. He said never has he seen a battery survive the abuse he gave it.

2 months 3 days ago

The design may be similar but its very apparent that the battery itself is very different! Believe what you want but I believe Samsung when they announced the 8-point battery check, and though I think the Note7 was made more infamous than it deserves the S8s are very different phones. The battery technology is different in the S8s too.

2 months 3 days ago

Given the limited real estate in most handsets and the relative size of the battery, they are always going to be similar.

I thought though Samsung had shutdown SDI ?

Martin Eugeniev
2 months 3 days ago

Well it’s safe so i don’t care about it if the technology is similar…

2 months 4 days ago

Also the basic specs look the same but the battery’s do not look the same going by the images of the note 7 battery and the s8+, so they 100% not even close on looks and I be thinking design

2 months 4 days ago

There are videos on the net showing the battery now as no problems when you cut into it and so on, like the
LG ones, so I say why it may look the same, it’s 100% not

2 months 3 days ago

yes lets all cut into our batteries. Humans are stupid

2 months 4 days ago

Read the article properly. They draw similarities to the Note 7 battery but that doesn’t mean it’ll explode. There was nothing wrong with the design of the Note 7 battery except that they manufactured it poorly.

2 months 4 days ago

What would really be interesting is to compare the design and build specifications to an S7/edge, a phone that didn’t explode.

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