With the Galaxy S8 at a concert: Its cameras are definitely better than the Galaxy S7!

We have already written about how the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be able to take better images than the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge despite carrying what looks like the same primary camera. The new multi-frame processor isn’t the S8 and S8+ promises to offer improved picture quality, and as it turns out, the new flagships really do fare better, at least when it comes to images taken at night.

We took the Galaxy S8 to an Ed Shereen concert (yes, he did perform Shape of You) here in the Netherlands the other day and took a couple of shots with the S8 and the S7 edge, and came away impressed with the improvements. Images taken from the S8 look more natural, with no unnecessarily bright lights ruining the scene. Detail after zooming in on shots is still a tad disappointing, but the S8 certainly takes the lead when compared to its predecessor. The S8 also recorded high-quality video with higher sound quality than the S7 edge.

The 8-megapixel autofocus selfie camera is also notably better than the 5-megapixel front shooter on the S7 edge, and you only need to look at the comparison shots below to see what we mean. Naturally, this is just a taste of what the S8’s camera is capable of. We will be doing a detailed camera comparison with the Galaxy S7 in the coming weeks, and our full review will offer a proper look at how the Galaxy S8’s cameras perform in different lighting conditions.

Check out the sample camera shots below, and let us know what you think!

Zoomed in shots (1x, 5x, 10x)

Galaxy S8 video sample (QHD)

Galaxy S7 edge vs Galaxy S8 (Left to right)

Selfies: Galaxy S7 edge vs Galaxy S8 (Left to right)


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