Leaked video shows the Galaxy S8 being pushed to its typing limits

There’s a new video doing the rounds on the internet today, yet again showing us the Galaxy S8 in action. This time, someone is testing typing on the phone by entering random letters from the keyboard in quick succession. You could say this serves as a touch screen test, and the phone does quite well. Of course, whether the S8 offers fluid and lag-free performance after a few months is something that only time will tell.

This video serves as further proof that at this point there is no chance of the Galaxy S8 having a design different that what we have seen till date. However, the phone in the video is white at the front, going against what seemingly official renders of the device have shown. It’s one detail that will only be confirmed at Samsung’s March 29th Unpacked event, or at least a day or two before the phone goes official.

What do you think of the leaked video?

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