Here’s what Samsung privately showcased during MWC 2017

Samsung unveiled several new display technologies during a private briefing at this year’s Mobile World Congress, including a 3D Touch-like OLED panel, which the firm will reportedly adopt in order to make the navigation keys on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus (and the entire screen on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8) pressure-sensitive. Although, a source in attendance told the The Korea Herald that it doesn’t seem ready to be unveiled soon.

“Samsung exhibited new technologies, including force touch, OLED without polarizer, VR headsets with high resolution and blue-less OLED. They are expected to be launched within one to two years,” said an anonymous attendee in a statement to The Korea Herald. “Another interesting technology was OLED panels without polarizer. When the technology is complete, this can significantly reduce power consumption,” he said.

Circling back to the Gear VR headset. The one that was showcased during the briefing had 1,200 PPI (pixels per inch). It’s believed that Samsung’s end goal is to release a unit with 1,500 PPI — a huge step up from the current Gear VR, which has less than 1,100 PPI. When the resolution eventually reaches the target amount of pixels per inch, it should solve virtual reality sickness, including general discomfort, headaches and stomach awareness.


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What is Josh/Sammobile talking about? The current Gear VR with the S7 has 576PPI, nowhere near to 1100ppi which is mentioned in the article for which you would need a phone with approx. a 5k-6k display. 1500ppi would require even higher res or more likely custom displays inside the headset instead of the phone.

And a higher res display doesnt solve virtual reality sickness at all, for which other factors like Hz of the display, lack of positional tracking, lack of feeling motion compared to seeing the motion inside VR and other factors are much more important.


No 4K stuff huh?


Definitely looking forward to the new stuff from Samsung.