Samsung’s Oscars 2017 ad delivers a powerful message on behalf of YouTubers

Samsung has been spending a lot of money to advertise its products at the Oscars over the past few years. It has also been working with filmmaker Casey Neistat who happens to be one of the most popular YouTube content creator. The angle here appears to be an effort to make Samsung feel more relevant to the younger generation and this Oscars ad is just part of that effort.

Neistat played a big role in Samsung’s Oscars presence last year. He walked the red carpet with a prototype of the Gear 360 to show the world what Samsung’s handheld VR camera is capable of. He was supposed to do a stunt as well but that was reportedly canceled.

Samsung’s Oscars 2017 ad is a simple one minute spot which features Neistat in a tux as he narrates “the rest of us,” to highlight the fact that most YouTubers don’t have fancy camera equipment or big production budgets but they create video content anyway because they want to share their ideas. You’ll find plenty of shots of Samsung products like the Galaxy S7 edge and the Gear 360 because this is an ad after all but it does a nice job of getting the message across.

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