Samsung expected to capture 72% share of the smartphone AMOLED market by 2020

According to the ‘2017 OLED Display Annual Report’ published by UBI Research, Samsung will capture 72% share of the smartphone AMOLED panel market by the year 2020. The research firm expects the global smartphone AMOLED panel market to improve tremendously in 2017 and reach up to $57 billion by 2020, thanks to increasing demand from Apple (for its next iPhone, Apple Watch, and new MacBook Pros) and some Chinese smartphone brands.

Samsung Display started investing heavily in the mass production of flexible AMOLED panels for smartphones last year. Apart from LG Display, other AMOLED panel manufacturers from China and Japan have started planning to invest in mass producing smartphone AMOLED panels as well. However, Samsung is expected to capture a majority of the market, thanks to its technical superiority and higher investment compared to other brands.

OLED Market Share 2020 Prediction UBI Research

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