Samsung supplying OLED panel for the Touch Bar on Apple’s new MacBook Pro

Samsung has long been a component supplier for Apple even though both companies happen to be bitter rivals, that’s just how business is done in this day and age, and if a new report out of Korea is to be believed then Samsung has supplied Apple with the OLED Touch Bar panel that it has introduced with the new MacBook Pros last week. The report suggests that the Touch Bar is an OLED panel from Samsung Display’s A2 line and that Apple opted for it given the fact that it’s significantly thinner than conventional LED panels.

The report claims that the driver control integrated circuit has also been supplied by Samsung, it’s System LSI division is said to have supplied this crucial component which basically links the laptop to the Touch Bar. Neither Apple nor Samsung confirmed if this is indeed the case and we won’t know for sure until a Touch Bar model of the new MacBook Pro is taken apart and its components detailed. However, it’s not that hard to believe that Samsung might be the supplier given the fact that it virtually has a monopoly in the global OLED market.

We’ve already heard a lot of rumors in the past that Samsung might be one of the suppliers of OLED displays for the iPhone next year. Apple is expected to finally make the shift to OLED displays for the iPhone starting next year.


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7 months 20 days ago

That beautiful touch bar will look lovely “burned in” within first few weeks of usage…

7 months 20 days ago

Since escape key is going to be always there, it might and most probably will cause burn in. Apple made a bad decision, opting for oled bar instead of full touchscreen.

7 months 20 days ago

Lol you mean like Samsung flagship smartphones gets burned? It’s the same, my galaxy s5 was burned after only 6 months.

7 months 20 days ago

You must have extreme use cases… there’s no degradation whatsoever on my Tab S (1 year old) or my S6 (year and a half)

7 months 20 days ago

I don’t have burn in issues and i never had on my Galaxy’s, but considering the touch bar will display a lot of static content for extended periods of time, it will more likely get burned in.
Look at the display models of current flagships in stores, they are all badly burned in shortly after they put them there.

7 months 20 days ago

Maybe you should send your resume to Apple, get hired and show them how they should have engineered the touch bar to avoid burn in.

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