Here’s what Samsung’s DeX Station for the Galaxy S8 might look like

We first told you last month that Samsung was working on a new feature which would enable the Galaxy S8 to provide proper PC-like functionality when connected to an external monitor. The feature would be similar to what Microsoft calls Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile. Samsung is reportedly going to call this feature Desktop eXperience. We later reported that Samsung is going to ship a dedicated dock called DeX Station for this purpose which will make it easy to hook up the Galaxy S8 to external monitors, even those that don’t have native USB Type-C connectivity.

Even though we’ve seen countless renders and images of the Galaxy S8 we’ve yet to see any of the DeX Station that’s due to arrive with the Galaxy S8. An image has surfaced online via AndroidPolice which basically illustrates what a desktop setup with the DeX Station is going to look like. You can see that the Galaxy S8 will be placed in a dock that appears to have an integrated wireless charger as well. The dock is then connected to an external monitor through a single cable. This will enable the handset to provide a PC-like experience while ensuring that the battery doesn’t run out of juice.

We can expect to hear more about the DeX Station in the days leading up to the Galaxy S8 launch which is due next month.


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