Samsung DeX Station will allow the Galaxy S8 to provide PC-like functionality

We first reported about a month ago that the Galaxy S8 could offer PC-like functionality when connected to an external monitor. It would be similar to Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile which allows smartphones powered by Microsoft’s OS to effectively double as PCs when hooked up to an external monitor via an adapter. A concept image was released recently which gave us an idea of what this might look like on the Galaxy S8, which we all know will be powered by Android and not Windows 10 Mobile.

Samsung is expected to call this feature Desktop eXperience and as the name suggests, it will allow users to power a desktop workstation using their smartphone. A new trademark filing reveals that Samsung will ship a dedicated dock for this purpose called DeX Station which will make it easy to connect the handset to external monitors, even those that don’t have native USB Type-C connectivity like the upcoming flagships. The trademark filing mentions that this product will be used for “projecting the screen of mobile devices to displays via computer peripheral devices and wireless networks.”

This is certainly going to be a feature that sets the Galaxy S8 apart from the competition. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 by late March with a release possible by mid-April.


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4 months 30 days ago

Will this dock be a heat sink? If so, it will permit to use overclocking mode to double the CPU power.
May be with the Note 8

4 months 30 days ago

Ok Great .. so the 2nd Camera is a gimmicky !! can’t wait to see your comments when Samsung introduce the dual Camera in the near future.

4 months 30 days ago

We’re not saying it wouldn’t be a nice feature to have, but it’s not as important that Samsung should make it a priority to use one as soon as the Galaxy S8.

4 months 30 days ago

i like this answer better than the one below , so it is a nice feature that definitely will improve and enhance the camera experience, BUT it is not a priority , make sense … specially with Samsung Strategy to give every new generation a little something to distinguish from the previous .

Thanks Abhijeet

4 months 30 days ago

This is a great idea.

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