Latest Galaxy S8 leak hints at proper PC-like functionality

Samsung will certainly introduce several new features with the Galaxy S8 that help set it apart from the competition. If the latest Galaxy S8 leak is believed, the upcoming flagship might provide users with proper PC-like functionality courtesy of the Samsung Desktop Experience feature. From the looks of it, the feature will be similar to Windows Mobile’s Continuum which enables Windows smartphone owners to extend their experience to a monitor and use windowed apps with a keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft’s Continuum feature offers Windows smartphone owners with a full-fledged PC experience when they hook up the phone to a monitor via a dock. That’s not how it may be for the Galaxy S8 since it’s going to be on a completely different platform but it’s possible that Samsung might work with app developers, particularly those that develop productivity suites like Microsoft Office, on apps that take full advantage of the Samsung Desktop Experience and enable Galaxy S8 owners to run windowed apps that they can use with a keyboard and mouse on a monitor.

If this feature does make its way to the Galaxy S8 then Samsung’s new flagship will surely be a productivity powerhouse, allowing users to be more productive with true multi-tasking. Samsung has not yet commented on this report so there hasn’t been a confirmation or denial about this yet. Samsung is due to unveil the Galaxy S8 at a special event in New York City come April.


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