Samsung to show off the Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017

Earlier today, Samsung sent out invites to the press for its Mobile World Congress 2017 appearance. The company has already confirmed that it’s going to break from tradition and not unveil the new Galaxy S flagship at MWC. What we do know is that Samsung is going to launch the Galaxy Tab S3 on February 26.

We’ve now spotted a rather interesting report out of South Korea. It suggests that even though Samsung won’t be unveiling the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress 2017, the company is going to give audiences a glimpse of its next flagship smartphone by showing them a short one-minute video. It’s unclear what the company is going to show in that video without actually giving away the entire thing, but if it’s going to go through with this, we can expect veiled references to the features of the Galaxy S8 as well as subtle glimpses of its design.

Keep in mind that this is only speculation at this time so we can’t really be sure if this is going to happen. We’ll find out for sure when Samsung’s press conference kicks off on February 26.

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