Galaxy A3 (2017) and Galaxy A5 (2017) prices confirmed

After months of countless rumors and reports, Samsung finally announced the new Galaxy A series officially today. The new series is a good evolutionary update as it brings several design changes, more powerful hardware and new features. It’s also the first Galaxy A series to tout IP68 water and dust resistance.

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy A (2017) series is going to be available for purchase in Europe early next month. The company has also confirmed prices of the two models that will be available in this market. The Galaxy A3 (2017) and the Galaxy A5 (2017) will be sold in Europe for 329 euro and 429 euro respectively. It appears that the Galaxy A7 (2017) will not be making its way to this part of the world.

The company is yet to confirm precisely when these devices will be launched in other markets across the globe. It’s likely that the new Galaxy A series will be released in some markets across Asia by the end of this month.

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4 months 22 days ago

This device is actually a miniture TabS2 with a cellular radio inside; for some reason I’ve been seeing these happen alot. The ‘S series’ should be pretty much the same as with its Tablets & phones including its physical appearances. The Tab A series should also be extremely identical between its Tablets and phones with respect towards its expected differences, Tablit wouldnt have an LED flash, cellular radio etc. But the exterior appearances should be the same for their specific model lines within that same year.
Strangely, The TabS2 obtained the physical designs of a different series; which I currently dont remember at this moment but that line had the previous OS which is the one before the TabS2′s original Android 5.0.1! (Forgot its title).

4 months 25 days ago

So a5 2017 will b sold at oneplus 3 prices for exynos processor and 3 gb ram ! I appreciate water resistance but processor is more important for gamers and multi taskers or heavy users !

4 months 25 days ago

Hope they will give the s8 a 16mp front cam