Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge owners claim the camera lens is shattering without impact

Samsung is definitely under the microscope, and rightfully so after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Now, they could potentially have another problem on their hands. According to Digital Trends, a large number of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge owners are reporting that the camera lens is shattering without any kind of impact and Samsung is refusing to cover these incidents under warranty.

Apparently, this has been an issue dating back to the launch of both devices. There have been ongoing complaints about this issue on Samsung’s community forums among users. Samsung has continually insisted that the lens can only break under physical stress and will charge customers $70 to fix the lens itself. Consumerist also reported yesterday of an incident that happened fairly recently with one of their readers. The reader claimed to have woken up to the lens shattered and described the look like a “miniature bullet hole.”

Keller Rohrback, a Seattle-based law firm, is currently investigating the issue at hand and sent out a statement asking affected users to contact the firm to discuss any “potential legal issues.” Other than speculation, there is still no clear explanation on how the lens is shattering at random, and we here at SamMobile are hearing about it for the first time.

Have you experienced this issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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James Sparks
2 months 14 days ago

I have today had the very same problem. The lens on my camera has what can only be described as a bullet hole smack bang in the middle of my lens. I phoned Samsung and they told me to visit my phone provider, which i did today and the assistant confirmed that that there was no evidence of the phone being damaged. Why would i damage the phone when i use it and the camera for work. The phone has been in a case since the day I received not long after the phone was launched. Samsung at the moment are not excepting liability and will not repair or replace my phone.

2 months 29 days ago

I bought my s7 not even a week ago, i still have the plastic protector on the camera and for some unexplained reason the glass is shattered in a perfect spiderweb under the plastic with a little hole exacly centre of the camera! I have never dropped it and it has never been out of the case! Someone needs to get to the bottom of this

3 months 30 days ago

Had my s7 edge for 35 days rear camera glass cracked for no apparent reason. Checked the phone all over and not a mark on it anywhere.
Lucky for me its just the corner and i can still take pictures.
Samsung this sucks.
I Did Not Break my S7 edge it is faulty by design. Samsung making a fortune out of replacing a tiny piece of glass which in my opinion is designed to fail.

Kevin Huro
4 months 3 days ago

Mine did this very same thing and i only had it for a month.

Victor 37
5 months 25 days ago

Good morning all I think this is just another way of bringing Samsung down they had to applied some kind of pressure or dropped it in some kind of way without a case protection for this to happen I’ve had mine since launch and dropped mine three times inside of a heavy-plastic case nothing has happened to the phone itself it is scratched and cracked free and there is no reason that the camera lens would crack on its own.

5 months 26 days ago

Without damage, only scratches in the home button but are minimal, the aluminum frame if I have noticed that it is very fragile with a lightning fall and there was a small cleft

5 months 26 days ago

i have mine since launch March/April, and it hit the floor 2 times,and guess what?? with a Ringke slim case doenst have any scratch on the whole phone. so i doubt the lens shatter so easy like people say.

5 months 26 days ago

I’ve had my GS7E for a year or so, no problems, plus my brother too no hiccups.

5 months 26 days ago

By the way, this isn’t new. Seems to have started a month or so after launch.

5 months 26 days ago

Mine shattered after 2 months of ownership. This is the replacement for my second Note 7 so it’s fairly recent. Phone was in my front pocket with nothing else for all of 2 minutes. Took it out and actually got stuck with the shattered glass. No impact. It was a very cold day but I was inside when this happened. For those who are saying it’s not possible, please hush. You know not of what your speaking. I replaced the glass with a purchase from Amazon.

5 months 26 days ago

Mine too got shattered 2 months ago and I had to make a stop gap arrangement with A7 lens. I woke up with a surprise with a shattered Glass

5 months 26 days ago

Honestly I don’t understand why they are going so thin for phones. The Note 4′s dimensions are fine. 95% of people stuff their ultra thin phones in a case to protect them. Depending on the case, it could triple the thickness. An Otterbox will make your phone a monster. Can you you see that Coral Blue phone you absolutely had to have? Nope, not really. Is that unspeakable camera bulge like a giant tumor making your phone horrendous to look at? Nope, blends right in with the case. Is your phone a fingerprint magnetic? Nope, fingers never really get past the case. So what really is the point? Sure you can upgrade the tech and make it smaller, that just might make enough room for a bigger ‘REMOVABLE’ battery that would have saved Samsung a few $trillion$ if they just shipped a replacement battery instead of killing the Note 7. What a huge waste of amazing technology. All to save space when people are just going wrap a case around it. The IR blaster gone to save space. I was one of the many who used it regularly. I install LED lighting on the side and comes in incredibly handy testing equipment. Now the headphone jack will be gone. Absolutely nobody will notice a size difference when put in a case. With technology getting smaller, there would be ample room to keep these components, especially the removable battery. Samsung doesn’t seem to have any issues releasing different phones, they could make all these slimmed down features and put it in a Samsung Galaxy Stealth and see how the people like it instead of butchering their top tier phones. It seems that they are pushing inadequately tested changes just to say that they are the best. You are only the best if your product is reliable and consumer friendly.

Just my two cents.

5 months 26 days ago

yes mine lens too got shattered of both the pieces as i had 3 samsung galaxy s7 edge of which 2 lens covered broked in same way in same manner

5 months 27 days ago

My lens cracked within a month of getting my S7 edge as soon as it was released. It was not caused by me as I am very careful always with my phones and it was still like brand new in every way and always in a case, the official Samsung S7 edge flip case, which just happened to also damage my screen, leaving small scratches and marks on it, like it did with the S6. Of course Samsung refused to accept any responsibility for this, they even claimed the screen could not be repaired under warranty as the camera lens was cracked which basically invalidated the warranty until it was repaired!! 2 totally separate parts of the phone but Samsung would not even look at the screen issue if something else totally different and unrelated was damaged. Basically I paid a lot of money to Samsung for the phone and in return they just don’t give a s&*t about their customers and users.

5 months 27 days ago

Well, mine is fine. But even if true, I don’t think that it would be something that Samsung would likely recall phones for unless people were getting glass in their eyes or something crazy.

5 months 27 days ago

Old problem. Begun with Note 5. My Note 5 camera lens is broken in 2 pieces.

5 months 27 days ago

Sammobile, my s7 edge back glass is popping out. I think this is due to battery swell.

5 months 26 days ago

Are you certain that it’s a glass back? I never handled a 7 Edge, but my Note 7 clearly had a plastic back. I removed mine with a fingernail.

Now I did recently have to replace my Note 4 battery because of the battery swelling. I used an Otterbox Defender. I thought it was the best case in the world, but I now believe that the rubber backing retained too much heat and killed the battery. Now I’m trying out i-Blason’s Armorbox. Doesn’t retain nearly as much heat, but also not as grippy without the rubber back.

5 months 27 days ago

Well, that’s odd, my camera lens had a crack in it all the way through last week. I don’t know how it got there because I don’t remember hitting something with it or anything like that, but my phone is insured so it didn’t cost me extra to let it be fixed. It wasn’t really shattered, but the lens was pretty much broken into two pieces. I thought it was just an unlucky accident, but now that I read this, it might as well be on Samsung’s side for some part.

5 months 27 days ago

I don’t know about the Camera as I have put on dbrand on it..except the tiny little portion of lens. I can confirm that home button has a crack though it never dropped before… now this news is making sense till now I’m breaking my head how the heck it could have happened. :)

5 months 27 days ago

Impossible. This is bullshit.

5 months 26 days ago

Chances are that the lens glass isn’t Gorilla Glass, probably not even tempered. A dramatic change of temperature could cause it to crack. My Note 4 looks as if there may be aluminum around the housing. If the aluminum cooled faster than glass, enough pressure could perhaps cause failure. My Note 7 has a clear plastic lens cover that is attached just to the plastic back cover of the phone. So assuming Samsung is aware these lens failures, they may have tried to correct it with the Note 7.

5 months 26 days ago

So all the posters above are lying about their experience? Highly unlikely. Thermal stresses are a good cause.

Eske Rahn
5 months 26 days ago

Btw,kid. There is something called science, in case you have not ever heard of .

5 months 26 days ago

What about heat or cold, no impact, not impossible, basic physics, expansion, contraction, due to temperatures.


5 months 27 days ago

With out any impact, it is impossible

5 months 26 days ago

You too are wrong.

5 months 27 days ago

“and we here at SamMobile are hearing about it for the first time”

It’s the first time I’ve heard about it too since the S7 launch. I’m reading multiple forums across the internet but I have yet to see a topic about shattering camera glass until now.

5 months 27 days ago

oh sure…I broke my leg yesterday when I was sleeping….
this kind of damage,like on the photo,is not possible without some force of impact or similar.

5 months 26 days ago

You’re wrong. Don’t discount what you do not know.

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