Samsung will reportedly source Galaxy Note 8 batteries from rival LG

The first few incidents of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire were attributed to faulty battery cells supplied by Samsung SDI – the conglomerate’s battery division – but we later found out that this wasn’t the case. Galaxy Note 7 units with batteries from another supplier caught fire in the same manner. Samsung stopped sourcing batteries for the flagship from its associated company and if a new report is to be believed, it may turn to its rival for Galaxy Note 8 batteries.

According to a report out of Korea, Samsung Electronics is thinking about sourcing batteries for its smartphones from LG Chem. It might start doing that with the Galaxy Note 8 next year. Samsung is said to be discussing potential deals with battery suppliers since the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco earlier this year. It’s also said to be in talks with China’s ATL which was the second battery supplier for the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is also said to be in talks with LG Chem, its rival’s battery division. An industry source cited in the report adds that “The talks have not yet been completed but it seems highly likely for the two firms to sign a deal.”

Given that designing, testing and producing batteries takes time, sources mentioned in the report suggest that LG Chem might start supplying batteries for the Galaxy Note 8 which isn’t due until next year. Samsung hasn’t leaned on rival LG for parts often but it’s said to be in the process of diversifying its suppliers post-Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is also believed to be sourcing LCD displays for TVs from LG Display after Sharp announced that it would no longer supply Samsung with LCD panels.

Samsung has not officially commented on this report.

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