Sharp will stop supplying LCD panels to Samsung soon

Samsung has long been sourcing LCD panels from Sharp but their relationship is about to come to an end soon. Sharp has reportedly notified Samsung that it will stop supplying LCD panels to the company starting next year. Local media reports suggest that Samsung is now in talks with LG Display for panel supplies. If they do ink a deal, it’s going to be a rare partnership between the two Korean rivals who compete with each other in all segments, including but not limited to consumer electronics and displays.

An unnamed industry source cited in the meeting says that Sharp notified Samsung of its intention to stop supplying LCD panels last week. Samsung’s Future Strategy Office is said to have held an urgent meeting and decided to turn to LG Display. Sharp had been supplying up to 5 million TV panels which account for 10 percent of Samsung’s total TV production.

Samsung and Sharp used to have a good relationship previously. Samsung had even invested $90 million in the company back in 2013 but it sold its entire stake in the company after Taiwan-based Foxconn announced its intention to acquire Sharp.

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