Samsung reportedly knows the cause of Galaxy Note 7 fires

Ever since it announced that the Galaxy Note 7 was being recalled for good and that the handset had been discontinued, Samsung promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the fires and reveal the results to the public. The company later reiterated its commitment to the investigation and promised to have the results out before the end of this year. According to a new report, Samsung has completed its investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 fires and now knows why its ill-fated flagship was going up in flames.

According to the report, Samsung has completed its internal investigation into the matter and has now sent the report to the Korea Testing Laboratory and the American safety organization UL. The report is yet to be made public but if the investigation really has been concluded and Samsung is confident of the findings, it shouldn’t take too long now before the report is released to the public at large.

When Samsung first recalled the Galaxy Note 7 a couple of weeks after it was released, the company blamed a battery supplier for supplying faulty cells. It assured customers that the supplier’s cells would no longer be used and that the replacement units it was sending out were perfectly safe. As it turned out, they weren’t. Replacement units also started catching fire and repeated incidents forced Samsung to pull the plug on what might have been one of the best-selling smartphones it has ever made.

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5 months 9 days ago

It’s remarkably annoying that Samsung didn’t release the reason until now. And I doubt they will by the end of the year. To me, it’s very possible that the reason could be the one that says the chassis’ surroundings of the battery are very sharp and narrow, so the battery gets cut when it dilates during charging.

5 months 11 days ago

The issue is: Few real incidents, a lot of sabotage and all the fake news Pixelated by Google.

5 months 11 days ago

IT’s quite simple.. they know but they’ll wait after christmas to avoid repercussions on s7 sells

5 months 10 days ago

Indeed, don’t understand the downvotes on you, but this is lifted over the holiday season.

5 months 11 days ago

Well I’m anxious to hear what the issue is. But the most important thing is that they found out what issue was to prevent this from ever happening again.

Maybe this will finally get the few remaining Note 7′s out there returned. There is no point to keep one because after the New Year Samsung will be disabling them anyway. Which is sad that Samsung had to resort to this on a recall & discontinued product.

Any excuse anyone gives for keeping one is invalid as you had over 2 months to return it & pick another device.

5 months 10 days ago

It won’t, those who have it still know how to block the updates that hinder it and are fully confident the phone is fine, though there is a chance of failure.

They will get some of them back with their attacks and harassment, but they won’t her them all.

At this point they are just driving up the value of the devices that are still out there as collector’s items.

5 months 10 days ago

Then Samsung & the carriers next step will be to blacklist the IMEI numbers. If owners go through the trouble of unblacklisting the IMEI numbers then more power to them.

I had to return my Note 7 and while it was the best phone I have ever owned I just returned to my Note 5 and got a full refund. Now I will just wait until the S8 is released and purchase that.