Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is now available in Black Pearl with 128GB storage

We had reported yesterday that Samsung could introduce the Black Pearl variant of the Galaxy S7 edge in South Korea, and Samsung has now made it official. The company has launched its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 edge, in its seventh color: Black Pearl. The new color variant will be available in select markets starting December 9.

Samsung says that the new, glossy Black Pearl color variant “radiates quality and luxury” and that it was “designed to be modern and striking.” Apart from the new color, the newly announced variant of the Galaxy S7 edge also features 128GB of internal storage. Even though the company hasn’t announced the markets where this new variant would be launched, it is safe to assume that it would be available in South Korea starting tomorrow.

The Galaxy S7 edge is now available in seven colors: Black Onyx, Black Pearl, Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Pink Gold, Silver Titanium, and White Pearl. Have a look at the images of the Galaxy S7 edge in its Black Pearl color trim below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Black Pearl

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Black Pearl




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5 months 15 days ago

when apple launch all colours, all sizes for their latest iphone 7 series yet samsung for the years still launch selective storage sizes and colours for different regions. When will they learn?

A Sweaty Womble
5 months 19 days ago

I’m sick of Samsung “selecting” markets to receive a specific version. I cannot buy a phone with less than 128 GB of storage. An SD card is not a solution and besides the point anyway. The fact it has expandable storage is not an excuse to sell what they’re calling a “premium” phone with storage specs found on lower tier phones.

I would only consider 64 GB if there is no other suitable alternative and I was desperate to upgrade. The demise of the Note7 meant I was forced to go for an iPhone 6s Plus since it was the only suitable phone at the time with 128 GB storage.

5 months 20 days ago

Fking hell, going from a 64gb Note 7 to a 32gb S7 edge is not easy. Without adoptive storage, the phone gets filled really fast! They should have offered this option for the Note 7 trade in!

5 months 20 days ago

Let’s hope they bring 128 GB to s8 as base memory

Jilla Jagadeesh
5 months 16 days ago

i had recently heard hat s8 will have a 256GB ROM this will be the game changer.

5 months 20 days ago

very nice. i like it. i hate my silver titanium. lol

5 months 20 days ago

This press release photo has the logo on the front, lets hope it comes to more markets than just the Asian one