Exclusive: Family Care will be Samsung’s own parental control app for Galaxy users

There is no shortage of parental control apps in the Android ecosystem, but that isn’t stopping Samsung from releasing its own. The company’s solution will be called Family Care and it comes with a bunch of nifty features that can make life easier for parents as well as their kids.

According to information we received, the Family Care app will offer the usual parental control features, such as use time and app installations. Furthermore, there are notifications and reminders, as well a pickup requests. But before all of these functions can be used, parent’s and children’s devices can paired easily using simple QR codes.

After the setup is complete, the Family Care app offers a card-like interface for both parties. The child can see information regarding (maximum) use time for the phone as well as for every individual app. Also, a request to be picked up now, or later, can be sent directly to the parent’s device. The location for the pickup can be the current location, a preset place such as school or piano class, or any other spot selected on a map.

Furthermore, there is a list of tasks or reminders set by the parent, to make sure football practice is not forgotten, the cat does get fed, and homework is done in time. Last but not least, the child can request permission to install a new app or download music, which will then only be possible after the parent reviews and approves the installation, or download.

Logically, the parent’s version of the Family Care app provides information about all of the above, as well as an interface to manage all the required settings and requests. Cards show how many tasks have already been completed, when the child needs to be picked up, and where, and which apps (or games) need approving.

Usage times can be limited for single apps or for entire app categories, so your kid can not play games during school hours, but, for example, in the evening before going to bed. Parents would also receive a warning if it has been a long time since the child has provided any updates regarding tasks and reminders.

Obviously, it will be very easy from both versions of the app to get in touch with the other party, though we are not sure if and how contacts by phone or messengers with other people will be managed. Similarly, we have no information on compatibility with non-Galaxy devices, or whether there will be a dedicated app for Gear watch users.

From the information we received, we can determine the development of Family Care is well underway. We can not say whether the work will be completed in time for a debut alongside the Galaxy S8, but there is no doubt the next-generation flagship would be a good platform for its launch.

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