2017 will be a ‘confidence rebuilding year’ for Samsung

Samsung’s brand has taken a significant hit because of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and the company certainly has to work hard and ensure that it reverses the damage done by a device that might have been one of the best smartphones it has ever released. Speaking at the GSMA Mobility Live conference in Atlanta, Samsung North America CEO Gregory Lee said that 2017 is going to be a “tremendous brand and confidence rebuilding year” for the company.

Lee also talked about the final Galaxy Note 7 recall initiated after the handset was killed. He said that the recall is 80 percent done and that “our employees have been working 24/7 for the last 50 days to try to make this happen.” He candidly spoke about the recall and revealed that Samsung is still looking to find an explanation. “We are looking at every aspect of the product, the process, to make sure that we can say with total confidence we know exactly what the problems are, and how to prevent the problems going to be forward,” Lee added.

His comments show that Samsung is dedicated to working very hard in order to regain the trust of customers, carriers and governments to restore the brand value eroded by the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has an opportunity to make its mark on the market once again with the Galaxy S8 and all signs are pointing to a major update for its next flagship smartphone.

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