Galaxy Note loyalism remains at 70% despite Note 7 fiasco, new study says

Apple CEO Tim Cook, like all company CEOs, will welcome all former Galaxy Note 7 customers who are thinking about making the switch, but there may not be much of a story to tell. According to a new study, Galaxy Note loyalism remains despite the Galaxy Note 7 recall worldwide.

Research firm Baystreet, in a recent note, has said that “We believe the vast majority (70%) will remain with Samsung and likely choose a Galaxy S7 device alternative,” and that “Note customers are also among Samsung’s most loyal.” As for how many Baystreet believes will switch, the firm says that “Our base case assumes roughly half of switchers (or 15% of total) will choose an iOS device, which equates to only a 200-300k increase to 4Q16 iPhone sales.” In other words, rival company CEOs may not want to “count the chickens” that will likely never hatch.

Galaxy Note (and Samsung) loyalism remains high according to reports from carriers. In the US, wireless carrier Sprint says that the majority of Note 7 switchers are opting for a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge. Another study from a research firm says that Note 7 switchers are opting for the Galaxy S7 edge over its flat-paneled sibling (which makes sense in terms of its dual-edge design and edge functionality). The Galaxy S7 edge and the now-deceased Galaxy Note 7 are more alike than ever, but Galaxy Note loyalists will never see the two as equals — and the compromises in switching from one Samsung device to another are too great for some.

Closer to home, over a million Galaxy Note 7 owners are still clinging to their devices despite the official recall, and our poll showed that 55% of our readers will keep their Galaxy Note 7 without fear of any potential consequences.

Are you a Galaxy Note loyalist? Still holding on to your Galaxy Note 7?

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