Samsung Singapore confirms Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge, launches on November 5

With the Galaxy Note 7 off the market, Samsung is putting all its focus on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, which will be the company’s only flagship offerings until the Galaxy S8 arrives next year. It was recently revealed that Samsung could be bringing the Note 7’s Blue Color paint job to the Galaxy S7 edge, and Samsung Singapore has now officially announced that the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge will be launching in the country on November 5.

Samsung hasn’t published any photos of the device, but judging by the photos of the blue S7 edge for Verizon that leaked earlier this month, the Blue Coral S7 edge will look exactly like the blue version of the Note 7 (meaning golden hues on the sides). There’s no telling whether the Blue Coral S7 edge will launch in markets where the blue Note 7 wasn’t announced; we certainly hope Samsung makes it available in as many markets as possible, as a way of making up for the fact that it has no Galaxy Note flagship on offer this year (and the second time in a row for European consumers).

It’s also unclear if the regular Galaxy S7 will be launched in blue, especially since the Galaxy S7 edge has proven to be the more popular choice for people trading in their Galaxy Note 7 for another Samsung device. Would you be interested in picking up a Blue Coral Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 edge? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks, Lim!

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