Exclusive: Galaxy Tab S3 WiFi and LTE (SM-T820, SM-T825) to launch in Q1 2017

The Galaxy Tab S3 was rumored for a September 1st launch as well as IFA 2016, but the new tablet collection has yet to appear. That’s because Samsung has had other plans in store. To that end, we’re back with an exclusive. We can now confirm that the Galaxy Tab S3 bearing model numbers SM-T820 and SM-T825 will launch in Q1 2017. The SM-T820 model number is for the Galaxy Tab S3 WiFi model, the SM-T825 model number is for the Galaxy Tab S3 LTE variant. The Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 launched with model number SM-T815 (LTE model) and SM-T810 (WiFi model), and the new model numbers seem to follow the trend, but we can’t confirm display sizes or specs and features at this time.

That’s it for now. We’ll be sure to provide more information in the coming days.

For now, what are you expecting for the Galaxy Tab S3? Still think the Gear S3 will launch alongside of it in Q1 2017?

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  • I would love a Tab S3 to replace my boring iPad Air 2. Ugh, the blacks on the display look like a bluish gray and the aluminum frame on this device is fairly easy to dent. Plus if you press hard on the screen it starts to distort, unlike the super AMOLED display. Overall this iPad is kinda rubbish for its price (I really do own an iPad Air 2, this is my opinion), but the good part about it is the performance, it can keep a ton of apps in background without lagging. But nothing that a good tab S1 or S2 could at least come close to.

  • I'm hoping they will finally go for bigger size this time, while avoiding a widescreen ratio. 10.5" 3:2 or A4 ratio would be perfect.

  • A 10 inch Galaxy Tab S3 with widescreen QHD and S-Pen would be awesome as hell. Still using my Note 10.1 first generation from 2012.