Galaxy Tab S3 launch reportedly set for September 1

Samsung is yet to release a proper next-generation tablet this year. Back in April it quietly released an updated version of its high-end Galaxy Tab S2 which featured a new processor but everything else remained the same, including the name. A new report by well-known Russian technology journalist Eldar Murtazin claims that Samsung has set the Galaxy Tab S3 launch for September 1.

Murtazin has not leaked any proof at this point in time which confirms that Samsung is going to release a new high-end tablet in about two months. There’s no other evidence available right now which suggests that the Galaxy Tab S3 is around the corner. It’s quite possible that we might hear more about this tablet and even see some leaks prior to the reported launch date but that doesn’t make it enough to conclude that the Galaxy Tab S3 will be launched on September 1. If the company is going to launch a new device on this date it’s rather likely to be the Gear S3 smartwatch instead of the new high-end tablet. Fans are not going to be too concerned about these devices just yet as they are patiently waiting for the Galaxy Note 7 which Samsung has confirmed it will launch on August 2.

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