Dubious images of the Gear S3 leaked

The Gear S2 smartwatch was very well received and now we’re looking forward to seeing what the company has in store for us next. There have been a few rumors and leaks about the Gear S3 but the latest seems rather dubious. A couple of images have leaked online claiming to offer us our first glimpse of the Gear S3 smartwatch.

The images show a smartwatch fashioned out of metal and in my view it looks a bit too similar to the 36mm Rolex Datejust 2. It appears to have the same fluted bezel and oyster bracelet that are iconic to the Rolex and I don’t think Samsung will come out with a device that looks so similar to the real deal and not expect the Swiss watchmaker’s lawyers to come down on it hard. It looks like we may have to wait a while before we get to see some images of the Gear S3 that have some aura of legitimacy to them.

We exclusively reported a couple of days ago that Samsung’s next smartwatch is codenamed Solis and that it runs Tizen. It’s the successor to the Gear S2 and is very likely going to have a circular display. While many would appreciate having a larger display on the Gear S3 there’s no evidence as yet to show that Samsung will move away from the 1.2-inch display size of the Gear S2. Samsung may unveil the Gear S3 smartwatch later this year in the fall.


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